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We offer a wide variety of services in business skills and have a seamless business integration with South Korea, Japan and the United States.

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With a group of well-experienced team. We guarantee an Effective, Efficient, Engaged experience to our clients.


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We are trusted by corporations like NHN Entertainment Corp, ESTgames, OnPlay Corp, QRoad, APXSoft and series of indie game developers.

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Regular communication with customers is key to success which develop a sense of loyalty

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We do not only give high-quality service, but we also take care of a punctual delivery

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We posses flexibility and personalized plans to maximize results.

The latest gaming industry is challenging and customers expect higher levels of interaction and engagement with their games. In UTH702, we will help you make your gaming organization move to the next level by making it more efficient and effective. Our experience and dedication will help you develop and maintain games and applications that connect with their core audience, no matter what language they speak.

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