In today’s mobile gaming market, it takes more than a fun game or a game that works to win your audience.  With over 700,000 apps live, you need a high quality, bug-free, and fun game in order to stand out among the “other apps”.


We identify performance issues and incompatibilities with your app or game across all targeted devices, platforms, hardware configurations and operating systems.

Functional Testing

We provide black-box testing on your product to ensure the implemented functionality is free of defects and consistent with your intended design.


For ensuring that your game complies with the standards and guidelines of major first party developers like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Usablility Testing

User viewpoint testing
User documentation testing
End-user interface testing

Localization Testing

Thorough tests are conducted in all supported languages to ensure that the game can be played through. The process involves translation and verification of text, local naming conventions and testing of user documentation.

Performance Testing

Ensure that your games are performing smoothly. We provide comprehensive reports on the performance of the game on every tested hardware/system/platform.

Post Launch Services

Discovering Improvement Scope
Post-update QA for stability
Tech Support / Ticket Mgmt 
GM’s Trend Building
Game Quality Audits

Item Testing

Testing of In App Purchases
Testing of Virtual Items
Testing of Currency Packs


Customer loyalty starts with product reliability

Our end-to-end QA services ensure your product performs as designed. Our deep expertise testing devices, platforms, and the connectivity between the two enables you to consistently deliver the superior user experience your customers expect.

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