We are a fast growing game service outsourcing company in the Philippines. We target mobile game development and digital art/animation. Over the past ten years we have delivered these services to over 200 clients in a variety of industries.

We continue to work with many of the most recognized brands in the world. And with over 60 employees, we are well positioned to bring agility and excellence to our growing portfolio of clients. Also, with a key operations facility in Asia, we are able to deliver top talent within a very sustainable and competitive pricing model.

UTH702 Game BETA Service

Game BETA Service

Our service includes assistance in polishing Game Quality by detecting game bugs and issues early on. Learn more...

UTH702 Game Launch Service

Game Launch Service

Reach out to your consumer via different means; Pre-release Campaign and Marketing Campaign. Learn more...

UTH702 Game Management

Game Management

Retain and satisfy game players with our quality Game Service & Community Events. Learn more...

UTH702 Content Creation

Content Creation

Reach your audience in a creative and accessible fashion in written and visual forms.  Learn more...

UTH702 Graphics

2D Graphics & Animations

Our amazing art team excels on a wide range of tasks, from visual development to asset production. Learn more...

UTH702 Video

Video Trailers

One of the keys to a success in having your game reach as many people as possible is a great promotional trailer.  Learn more...

Our mission is to provide an effective and direct way of giving excellent Game Services to customers

To nurture best-of-breed talent and to deliver high quality, best-of-breed solutions and services to our clients

Provided Viral Marketing, Community Management, Blogging, Content Creation for Press Releases, Videos, Game posts on several social media sites such as Webzine Activities, Facebook, SNS posting. Gone through Strategic planning on how and what strategy we need to make the game viral and increase awareness and gain exposure.



Reach your audience in a creative and accessible fashion in written and visual forms

BETA Service

Multi-lingual Service

Localization Service
Quality Assurance 

Game Launch Service

Marketing - Viral & Stealth
Media Collaboration
Pre-release Campaign 

Game Management Service

Game Service
Customer Support Management
Marketing Management 

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