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Minidom: Server Updates

Players experience server issues in Minidom servers after the game’s recent successful launch in parts of Southeast Asia.

Players experience server issues shortly after the recent launch of Minidom in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines in June 20, 2015.

Users report server lags, slow loading speeds and intermittent connections. Nooby Island developers did not expect the huge number of users to download and play the game after the successful launch in parts of Southeast Asia, which overloaded the servers. However, the team is already aware of these issues and system improvement is already ongoing.

With more than 25,000 active users, the previous servers cannot seem to handle the volume, as server capacities have reached their limits.

Nooby Island is currently undergoing server improvements at the moment to manage daily active users in order to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Minidom will also expand to other countries in Southeast Asia within the month.

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Nooby Island, established in March 2011, is a small development company aiming for big ideas.
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